Torque Monster! Big Bore Iron Sleeve 8HP Beast

Torque Monster! Big Bore Iron Sleeve 8HP Beast

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Looking for Torque? Then this is it! 

This motor is designed to pull up hills and heavier loads. Don't be fooled that it wont also do 60+Mph. Its a beast! 

*We went with our iron sleeve set up and added some CC to the motor for that massive power increase. 

*This set up comes with a big reed and 21mm OKO. 

*We've now added our welded and balanced cranks to all of our motors including this one. Incredible smoothness even at 13k rpms. 

*Machined low profile racing Jakes head. 

*Caber Racing rings (long lasting)

*High quality racing bearings in the engine and clutch shaft

WE TEST THESE MOTORS BEFORE SHIPPING! Meaning once you get them that they are pretty much ready to ride. Some tuning might be required depending on weather temps and altitude and also what style pipe your running. (we recommend a cr80 pipe or ktm65) 

Any questions please give us a call or email and our tech guy can help you with any questions.