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If you are wanting your motorized bicycle tagged with paper work then this is for you! 

We can get you a legal tag that never expires in your name for your bicycle! 

This tag comes with registration in your name. 

Also it comes back as a Moped instead of a motorized bicycle. (BIG BONUS!) With it coming back as a moped you can ride at higher speeds with out having to worry about cops messing with you. The state that we have your bike tagged in says that motorized bicycles are mopeds. It will match the vin that's on your lower crank on your bike. (which we will need from you). It will match your name and DL number. 

These are transferable to any state. With it coming back as a moped you don't have to worry about if your local Dmv giving you trouble with trying to find motorized bicycle papers that they've never seen in their system. Its a federal law that each state has to grandfather in any other states registration on a vehicle. Its in your name, Its got a legal vin, and it has a tag and papers. 

We've figured out a easy way for you to ride legally and not have to figure out how to tag your bike anymore. 

In the note section on check out you WILL need to send us your DL number and legal name. 

This tag will not come back to your state. it will come back from the state of California. We ride in Florida, new york, south carolina, Illinois, St louis and many other states with the cali tags. Now you might ask your self what happens of you get pulled over in your state and the bike is tagged in cali? Well, its in your name..... and you own a house there as well.  (its been my excuse the one time I've been pulled over (for speeding lol). Even if that bothers you that its tagged in a state you don't live in you can go to the DMV and transfer the paper work to your state as a moped and ride on! 

One big question that we get asked a lot about this is ( Do you have to have lights?) First response is , Why would you ride without lights anyways? Secondly, check with your local dmv and see if moped are suppose to have lights. 100% of the time its YES! 

Please allow up to 3 weeks to have your tag delivered to you.