Dual Engine Motor Mount Kit

Dual Engine Motor Mount Kit

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This kit is for your standard motorized bicycle clutches (not the go kart clutch set up) which is way more user friendly! For the go kart clutch set up it requires a special engine starter that isn’t cheap. ($400). I will can can make that set up for special order and a addition $50 not including the clutch. (Which can be bought for $20 on amazon) 

With this purchase in check out notes I need to know what size set tube/frame you are using so I can send the proper sized rear mount. 

This kit includes: 

-Billet mounts plates 

-Bolt kit 

-Washer kit 

-410 chain 

-Jack shaft plate, shaft, and bearings 

-Jackshaft gears 


things you’ll need that’s not included- 

-Front cnc mount to the frame 

-2 engines 

-Banchee throttle cable for 2 carbs 


This kit is very easy to install. Very adjustable. We highly recommend using a gasframe. For splitting the fuel like we used 1/8 inch pipe thread from ace hardware. For any question reach out to me on Facebook.

2 week wait time or less as of January 31 2020.