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Please read full description before buying!
This is a DO IT YOURSELF KIT. Requires tools and some knowledge but mostly common sense.
You will receive the engine kit and bicycle in two separate packages. Instructions and help is available. You can always refer to Zeda Mafia on Facebook for live help. For the average person it will take you about 4 hours to build. We here in Florida can build them in an hour and be completely done. We also build over 30 bikes a month. That gives you an idea on how we base our time. This is a great start bike. PERFECT FOR A BEGINNER BUILDER.
You will receive our Zeda80 kit and a 26 inch red beach cruiser. We can email instructions for you to go by. But we always ask for you to refer to your local bike page or ZEDA MAFIA for instant help.
Things you will need to build this bike
Go ahead and head to the store and pick up the following
-Zip ties
-Double sided sticky tape
-Grease or lubricant
-Few cans of 2 cycle oil (Walmart SUPERTEC full synthetic)
-And any tools you might be missing from the next section down
Tools you will need-
You will need the following tools
-Phiphs head srew driver
-Flat head Screw Driver
-10mm Wrench and Socket
-14mm wrench
-15mm wrench
-2x 17mm wrench
-19mm wrench
-Pair of cutter to cut the rear fender and zip ties (FOR SAFETY PURPOSES PLEASE TAKE OFF FENDERS)
-Chain cutter (We use a flat head screw driver to pop the chain apart to the link we need)
-Pair of pliers
Few Hints and things you should read
-Double sided tape is used for under the tank. While bolting the tank please do not over tighten the tank. It will rip the studs out. Also once you bolt the tank on put a light dab of silicone on the nuts that hold the tank on. If you don't they will vibrate off and your tank will fall over and possibly comepletly off.
-When installing the rear gear completly take of the dust cap off the rear hub behind the brake arm. This will allow the gear to perfectly fit on the hub and you wont have a problem with the gear have wobble. Also only run (ONE) rear rubber washer that comes in the rear gear nut and bolt kit. Run the rubber inside the spokes, allowing the gear to rest up against the spokes creating a strong durable rear gear set up. make sure the gear is pitched away from the sopkes. This way you will have enough room for the chain to clear the spokes.
-When you forst start the motor up please let it idle for 5-10 minutes before riding it. this way all of the bearings are full of oil. We normally break these motors in with 5oz to one gallon and when they are broken in after 3-5tanks we will run them on 3.5oz to one gallon. Ride it no more then 3/4 throttle for your first 3 gallons.
-Make sure you always retighten all of your nuts and bolts and chian
This is a big key factor in making a motorized bicycle survive. They will last as long as well as you treat them.
And once again, always refer to your local pages, forums, Zeda Mafia, youtube