50 mm Iron sleeved cylinder

50 mm Iron sleeved cylinder

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Will work with long 38mm or 40mm stroke. Just add what stroke you I’ve in the note section. If you don’t know don’t worry. 


IT WILL COME 50MM! Photo shows a 47mm. We currently have 5 going out to be fitting to pistons. A total of 21 are being made - UPDATED Nov15 2019. Please allow a few weeks as we don’t fit the pistons in house and have to rely on someone else. Thank you. 

This cylinder will last for a long time to come. No more chrome flaking or unturned bores. IRON SLEEVE! It makes around 3X more power over stock. You will need to open your case up to have enough room for the bore. 

Fully machined in the USA. Real iron sleeve. Massive power. Come with piston, clips, rings. This is for reed valve only. And long rod only. 

You can use this sleeved cylinder for any set up